Briefing: Autonomous driving startup JingChi sets up 5G partnership with China Unicom Guangdong

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景驰科技与广东联通达成5G战略合作 共建创新实验室 – Tencent Tech

What happened: JingChi has announced a 5G partnership with China Unicom’s Guangdong branch. The branch has already established a full-coverage 5G network for JingChi’s test fields at its’ Guangzhou headquarters. The partnership also includes an innovation lab which will look into the remote control for L4-level unmanned driving.

Why it’s important: The partnership is a practical step in 5G application. Given Beijing’s strong policy priority in 5G, Chinese autonomous driving startups will keep receiving cutting-edge infrastructure support earlier than foreign rivals. The state-backed telecom community will then leverage use case advantages to expand tech applications and foster related R&D.