Briefing: Weibo upgrades anti-cyberbullying feature

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一人拉黑全站禁评!微博上线“博主拉黑禁评”功能测试 – IT之家

What happened: Sina Weibo has started testing a new upgraded feature that gives Weibo authors more control over what is allowed in the comment section and which accounts can post comments. With the new feature, if an account gets blacklisted by a Weibo author and its comments have been removed by the author, then it will not be able to post any comments on the Weibo site for the next 3 days. The new feature now applies to Weibo users with a following of over 100,000.

Why it’s important: Curbing abusive words and comments have always been challenging for popular social media platforms. The Chinese microblogging site previously rolled out a series of features to fight against cyberbullies and trolls who thrive in the comment section but saw little effect. Recently, a number of influencers and celebrities decided to close their Weibo accounts after being harassed and bullied by Chinese netizens.