Briefing: Didi admits capacity limit and welcomes more players to join the ride hailing game

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自己无法满足数亿民众出行需求 欢迎更多企业投入 – Tencent Tech

What happened: Ride hailing giant Didi published a public announcement last night, admitting that the company itself cannot satisfy the whole Chinese ride hailing market’s demands. The company also stressed that it would strictly follow related regulations, and continue strengthening safety management. Didi also said that it has increased the number of safety supervision staff by 300%.

Why it’s important: The announcement signals Didi’s tacit gesture to admit a dominant (even a monopoly) position in China’s ride hailing market. Welcoming new players show Didi’s open attitude to comply with the government and Chinese market’s demands of a healthier and more balanced market, despite that the company’s user base and market influence are still dominantly powerful in the country. The announcement may also be interpreted as a confident reply which suggests Didi’s irreplaceable leading role in the industry.