The winning team at Asia Hardware Battle 2018 Malaysia

The 2018 Asia Hardware Battle Malaysia was a success.

After several rounds of fierce competition, we finally selected one startup to represent Malaysia at the grand final round of Asia Hardware Battle in Shanghai.

In this competition, one startup rose above five others, and proved extraordinary through a series of stringent evaluation and step-by-step screening by several prominent judges: Mr. Ax Lim (Investment Manager, Captii Ventures), Mr. Kenneth Tan (VP, Investment, Gobi Partners), and Mr. Daniel Goettfert (CEO, FundedByMe).

Winner: Atilze Digital–Atilze Sensor Hub

Atilze Sensor Hub

Atilze Sensor Hub is an IoT-first open hardware platform, designed to empower anyone to assemble their own industrial-grade IoT device with full flexibility around sensors, network technologies, power supply, and deployment environments. This addresses a huge market gap for non-generic end nodes, that cater to different industries while leveraging on new networks such as LoRaWan, NB-IOT, 3G/4G and WiFi. Through the Sensor Hub, companies can rapidly deploy IoT solutions that is tailored to their specific requirements across precision agriculture, intelligent cities, smart buildings, smart environment, connected vehicles and more.

In addition to Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd, here are the other 5 qualified startups that appeared on the field:

BorderPass Travel–BorderPass

The BorderPass Travel team presents their product at Asia Hardware Battle 2018 Malaysia

BorderPass is an opt-in service that enables travelers from low-risk visa-free countries to use a BorderPass auto gate instead of having to queue at immigration checkpoints. Before BorderPass, only Malaysians and foreigners holding long-term passes (e.g. employment passes) could use auto gates at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Instead of queuing for 30 minutes to an hour at peak periods, BorderPass auto gates clear users securely in just seconds. BorderPass is currently available at KLIA2 arrivals and plans to add more auto gates to KLIA2 departures and KLIA.

Integrasi Hijauan–plantOS

plantOS Computer

Integrasi Hijauan’s vision is to democratize precision agriculture through digital technologies to empower communities and localize food production sustainably. The company has developed a proprietary architecture that starts at circuit design right up to specific Machine Learning application on its Google Cloud powered platform. Its products serve high-value crops in indoor and outdoor environments such as palm oil, wine, and legal cannabis market.



Minimo.Cat is an affordable AI robot suitable for everyone and simple to use: just connect a mobile phone to the MinimoCat Doll and run the Minimo.Cat chatbot app connected to the AI backend. It will react to users’ voice to identify different moods and react accordingly. With AI robots in the market too expensive for the majority of households to afford, and their lack of updates and feature upgrades, Minimo.Cat works to solve these issues by removing unnecessary hardware and building an ecosystem to enrich content. Minim0.Cat also focuses on software with eight years of app development experience and makes the content affordable by crowdsourcing. It is targeted to kids and youngsters for education and companion purposes, and can even serve lonely adults.

Goremas Ent–Floodsensed


Floodsensed is a crowdsourcing IoT flood monitoring system with social media alerts such as to Facebook, Telegram, Youtube live stream, etc. The equipment gathers rain volumes, water level, wind speed, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, and wind directions, and then sends the data to Floodsensed IoT platform over LoRa network (10Km~18Km). It can also carry out landslide and earthquake monitoring.



ARROWSLIM is an LED luminaire designed to replace conventional Fluorescent Troffers with a New Innovative Concept that has never before been seen in the market. ARROWSLIM is designed and built to comply with strict green regulations to ensure top quality, reliability and performance. Furthermore, all the components used in ARROWSLIM are genuine and of high quality to ensure long operating lifespan.

Next stop!

We would like to extend a big thanks to all participants, judges, and partner organizers. We couldn’t have had such a successful outcome without the help of Second Startup for putting this together.

Second Startup by TE4P is a 12-week program for early-stage startups in IoT & FinTech. Self-proclaimed “Mentorship on Steroid,” Second Startup provides an experienced guide in relevant fields to help inexperienced teams accomplish their goals a lot faster. By matching the correct mentor to startup, Second Startup provides a platform where mentors and startups can interact via a standard process to match criteria on both sides.

Atilze Digital is getting ready to battle it out at the Grand Finals in Shanghai. See you soon!

Suzanne Tsai is a social media manager based in Beijing. You can contact her at

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