On October 10, 2018, the Grand Finale for Asia Hardware Battle (AHB) will be held in conjunction with the National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week. Asia Hardware Battle is a regional hardware-tech competition, wholly owned and proudly organized by TechNode. It has been selected to take the main stage at the Shanghai national-level event for two consecutive years.

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What used to be Copy To China has now become Copy From China. Since the launch of the ‘One Belt One Road Initiative’ (OBOR), countries along the belt have since been rejuvenated and awakened, hoping to benefit in multiple areas; economy, technological advancement, and the unique successful business models that gave birth to the unprecedented numbers of unicorns China has showcased to the world. These countries seek to learn from the sudden and rapid rise of the once ‘factory of the World’ to one of today’s superpowers. In line with the OBOR scheme, the government has conscientiously and continually supported the National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, a week of celebration and focus on the catalyst that speared China to its illustrious status today.

This year’s AHB traversed 9 Asian countries and regions including China, and opened its door to 16 cities, attracting more than 500 applications within a month of its commencement in July. As the name suggests, applicants hail from different places and diverse cultures but harbor the same passion, goal, and dream: to better the world with their innovative hardware-tech solutions. More than two-thirds of the applicants came from outside of China.

After the application phase began a 2-month-long city pitching that covered the following cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai. With stringent qualification and evaluation criteria, AHB ensured that only the best 15 teams would represent their respective cities/nation at the Shanghai Grand Finals.

Here’s a quick look at the startups that made it to the Grand Finals:

Beijing: Ling Technology

Product: LUKA – Smart Reading Bot

LUKA – Smart Reading Bot

Shanghai: AUVI Inc

Product: Auvi crystal clear music (AR-M200)

Auvi crystal clear music (AR-M200)

Shenzhen: Roborn

Product: Roborn Robots

Image credit: Roborn

Xi’an: BQI Innovation

Product: DTing wristband

DTing Gesture Controlled Wristband (Image credit: DTing)

Taipei: LUCID

Product: 3D VR Camera

Han Jin, the founder and CEO of LUCID, at Asia Hardware Battle in Taipei. (Image Credit: Business Next Media)


Product: Brush Monster (AR Educational platform)

Asia Hardware Battle 2018 Korea winning team Kitten Planet

Japan: Triple W Japan K.K.

Product: DFree


Japan: Toletta

Product: Smart Cat Health Monitoring

Smart Cat Health Monitoring

Thailand: Edison Motors Co., Ltd

Product: Edison Volta (Electric Scooter)

Edison Volta EV Scooter

Singapore: EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd.

Product: Carbon Fiber Aerogel (Wastewater management)

EcoWorth Tech’s Carbon Fibre Aerogel treats waste by removing and recuperating organic material.

Indonesia: Neurabot

Product: AI

Neurabot is the winner of Asia Hardware Battle 2018 Jakarta. It uses image analysis algorithm to extract information from digital image media.

Malaysia: Atilze Digital Sdn Bhd

Product: Atilze Sensor Hub

Atilze Sensor Hub

India: Tesseract Inc

Product: Holoboard

Holoboard headset in 3 different editions

India: Fabheads Smart Automation

Product: Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

Fabheads Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

Prominent guests from diverse backgrounds and experiences will be participating as judges and invited partners of the event. They include: Dr. Markus Seidel, Vice-President, Head of Technology and Innovations of BMW Group China; Ms. Anna Arndt, Innovation platforms and partnerships of Volkswagen Group China; Mr. Andrew He, General Manager of Bosch Innovation China; Mr. Max Hu, Founding Partner of LightHouse Capital Management; Ms. Grace Gu, investment principal of Zhenfund; Mr. Paul Wong, Vice-President of Explorium; Mr. Chen Xin, Head of Operations at Hi.Taobao; Mr. Mauricio Estrella, Senior Lead Designer at IDEO Shanghai; and a number of regional guests.

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