Briefing: Alipay detects Apple ID theft highlighting dangers of online payment

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支付宝:检测到部分苹果用户ID被盗并出现资金损失 – Tencent Tech

What happened: Alipay detected that certain Apple users have had their IDs stolen. The company published an announced on its official Weibo account October 10 to warn users who have tied the payment method to Apple’s paid services of the risk of ID theft and material losses. The announcement recommends users to reduce automatic payment limit without PINs to services including App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud, and said that they are investigating Apple. The Alipay announcement also warns that WeChat payment and credit cards added to Apple ID could also face malicious unauthorized uses.

Why it’s important: The case brings new challenges to regulations and safety of digital payment services. Before the formal investigation is completed, it’s too early to say if the breach is purely Apple’s responsibility, according to Alipay. Users who bought Alipay’s account safety insurance reported that the loss they are suffering this time would not be covered. So far, WeChat and banks released no announcement or warning on the issue. As China is becoming the world’s largest cashless country, user rights protection has a long way to go.