Since the launch of TechCrunch International Innovation Summit in China, a new stage has been brought to domestic entrepreneurs and innovators. With the rise of a new wave of innovation, TechCrunch, in the eyes of many, is one of the best springboards for local innovation. Among all aspects of the summit, Startup Alley has always been the most intuitive embodiment of entrepreneurial innovation. It not only showcases the world’s most advanced technology products and concepts, but also witnesses the grounding of innovation in various industries.

This year, TechCrunch International Innovation Summit aims to “reshape innovation” and will explore the new power of entrepreneurship in Shenzhen, the “hardware capital of the world”. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to reach out to front-line media, top investors, and well-known enterprises in the industry.

Bring your startup to TechCrunch Shenzhen 2018’s Startup Alley!

What is TechCrunch Startup Alley?

Aligned with our goal to bridge the gap between China and the rest of the world, TechCrunch Startup Alley provides a platform for international startups to showcase their new and novel ideas. 2018 Shenzhen’s theme is Reshaping Innovation, with the goal of discovering new startup players. The 150 cool and innovative booths lining this year’s Startup Alley will be covering the seven currently-trending topics: Women in Tech, Hardware interactive area, Game area, Blockchain, AI, AR/VR and Education area.

*For exhibitors, we require that the startup is less than 2 years old and has no more than two million dollars in funding.


November 19-20

Available packages:

  1. Basic Package (includes 2 Exclusive 2-day Passes) $500 a day; $800 for a two-day standard booth
    – A Standard booth* in Startup Alley for 1 day
    – 2 amazing days of TechCrunch Shenzhen
    – Access to full agenda – all stages
    – Meet all the founders in Startup Alley
    – Access to VC Meetup – connecting founders with 100+ investors
  2. Full Package (includes 4 Exclusive 2-day Passes) $1800 a day; $2500 for a two-day standard booth:
    – A Standard booth* in Startup Alley for 1 day
    – 2 amazing days of TechCrunch Shenzhen
    – Access to full agenda – all stages
    – Meet all the founders in Startup Alley
    – Priority access to VC Meetup – connecting founders with 80+ investors fast
    – A TechCrunch & TechNode Media Day ticket. (a rare chance to mingle with TechCrunch and TechNode reporters, investors, and other tech enthusiasts)
    – Access to the TechCrunch Shenzhen press list. (100+ domestic and foreign Media shared in advance)
    – Access to international corporates resources
    – Access to the interview room
    – Company logo display on the event site
    – Company logo and introduction on the digital event brochure
  3. Market ticket* $300 per table
    – A special marketplace in Startup Alley
    – A market table* in Startup Alley for 2 days
    The market booth (1m x 2m) includes 1 table and 2 chairs. Set-up or promotion materials for the market booth are not allowed
  4. Launch Stage ticket $300 per company:
    – A chance to give a 10-minute pitch on the Launch Stage in Startup Alley
    – You will receive our confirmation email and exhibitor agreement after we have reviewed your application

For any special requests, please email

Dimension & Booth Design

2m x 2m

Standard Configuration

The standard booth (2m x 2m) includes 1 outlet, 1 high table, and 2 high chairs. Exhibitors need to provide own promotional material (potentially dangerous material must be pre-approved). TV plasma and laptop rental services are available. Set-up for the standard booth is not allowed and details will be sent only after the application is confirmed.

*Set-up is not allowed in a standard booth. *Set-up details will be sent after the application is confirmed.

Startup Alley Highlights

Highlight 1: Professionalism

This year’s Startup Alley will be divided into sections by theme and will include 150 creative technology booths. The major exhibitions will cover all of today’s hottest topics: hardware, gaming, blockchain, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, and education. Here, a number of up-and-coming technological innovation will be unveiled. By establishing specific zones, we hope to improve attendee experience with ease of navigation.

Highlight 2: In the press

Each year, TechCrunch International Innovation Summit has attracted more than 150 domestic and international media outlets. In addition to domestic mainstream media such as Sina, Netease, Sohu, and Tencent, international media such as CNN, LinkedIn, FT, and PR Newswire have taken to their platforms to showcase their support for the summit. Over the years, the summit has been dedicated to hosting a gathering of entrepreneurs, pushing quality startups to the spotlight and bringing them closer together.

Highlight 3: Building a global network

At the core of TechCrunch International Innovation Summit is the goal to help promote the development of startups. Over the past nine summits, an accumulation of more than 3,000 entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to present their projects to 700 investors at Startup Alley. These exchanges fostered long-lasting professional relationships for startups both at home and abroad, and have also contributed to the financing of some quality projects.

Highlight 4: The future of the industry

Technological innovation is always forward-looking, diverse, and evolving. Future technology can sometimes be confusing, but technology entrepreneurs are working to help us better understand it. At TechCrunch’s Startup Alley, we aim to support the entrepreneurs who try tirelessly to demystify the power of technology and shed some light on the path to the future of humanity.

Suzanne Tsai

Suzanne Tsai is a social media manager based in Beijing. You can contact her at

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