Apple on guard against fraudulent refund cases after scammers hack into accounts in China—SCMP

What happened: After over 700 Apple users had their Apple IDs compromised and money stolen from their accounts, Apple has advised its Chinese customers to adopt more stringent security measures when making payments with their Apple ID accounts. Apple only refunded money to a few users while rejecting the claims of the rest. The company also added that they have seen rise in false and fraudulent refund claims trying to take advantage of this incident.

Why it’s important: The theft was originally uncovered when some users saw notifications from their Alipay payment service. Apple users later discovered that the default agreement inside the Alipay app did not list Apple’s responsibilities and obligations nor were the default settings set to a more safer option, according to reports from local media. This brings to question if consumer rights were fully protected. The total amount of money taken varies from a few hundred to RMB 10,000.

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