Briefing: State-backed media People’s Daily rolls out blockchain coverage

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正规军入场?人民网正式上线区块链频道,携七大栏目深度关注区块链行业 —36Kr

What happened:, the digital version of People’s Daily, launched a blockchain-dedicated news category on its website The category includes 7 sub-categories which are Original, Information, Deep Report, Exclusive Interview, Events, Feature, and 24h Rolling News. In March, the investment and VC news affiliate of also started a blockchain category. The affiliate also owns a blockchain research institute.

Why it’s important: The launch of the news category signals Beijing’s growing ambition in blockchain technology, though ICOs are still illegal in China. After the launch, Beijing and its official forces are likely to strengthen its own blockchain power for commercial and political purposes. The state proposed a draft policy on blockchain management, and the new blockchain category will be another platform to carry out voices sent from the center.