The TechCrunch International Innovation Summit’s VC Meetup has repeatedly been one of the most popular aspects of the summit, as well as the most sought-after investment branding opportunities for VCs under TechNode. Since its establishment, it has helped thousands of startups match their profiles with investments. From these sessions, more than 10 high-quality startups have received tens of millions in investments from top Chinese VCs, and more than 50 startups have received Pre-A investments.

TechCrunch International Innovation Summit 2018 Shenzhen will be the tenth of its kind to be held in China since its inception. On November 19-20, hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors will participate in this “business blind date”. We look forward to seeing more ambitious entrepreneurs and seasoned investors gathered here for a common cause—making the world a better place, one innovation at a time.

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VC Meetup Highlights

Highlight 1: VC Pro

The original idea for the VC Meetup was to give startups and VCs 10 minutes to exchange introductions about their companies and ideas. It has since grown to include a “Pro” session, which allows each VC to distribute three Pass Cards to the startups of their liking to be used for further discussions in a more exclusive setting.

Highlight 2: VC Service

TN VC focuses on Asian innovation and is committed to building an international innovation and investment ecosystem in Asia. The business includes consulting services from commercial planning to financing for both domestic and foreign enterprises. TN VC utilizes its vast resources and partnerships with more than 1,000 investment institutions at home and abroad to provide diversified and comprehensive investment targets. In the future, TN VC will also set up a direct investment fund to find and explore high-growth potential investment targets, and shorten the growth cycle of innovative companies in the early/seed stage.

At TechCrunch Shenzhen, the VC Meetup will take the form/shape of one-on-one recommendations for all startup companies that have completed registration in advance. Registration includes selecting an industry so that matching with investment institutions will be accurate. Make sure to register here.

Highlight 3: Media Station

The media station is a display platform open to investors and entrepreneurs. More than ten well-known media reporters will join the media station to interview active investors and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and novel products.

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