Briefing: China’s OnePlus to launch new model 6T in US

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China’s OnePlus, backed by Qualcomm and T-Mobile, launches smartphone in U.S – Reuters

What happened: Chinese smartphone startup OnePlus plans to launch its model 6T on November 1 in partnership with carrier T-Mobile and will be only available at their stores. OnePlus only sells premium phones that cost $400 or more, and generates around two-thirds of revenues from areas outside of China. The company says that the tension between China and the US will have little influence on sales.

Why it’s important: OnePlus’ cooperation with US local carrier T-Mobile implies open market-driven opportunities tech enterprises wishing to enter US or China may be excited about. While tensions regarding governmental decisions on firms with crucial state resources are still haunting the two powers’ bilateral relationship, any political risks would be controlled at an acceptable level to ensure general commerce and consumer-driven operation – as this is a survival thing for both countries’ ecosystem and economic foundation of legitimacy.