Briefing: Beijing to complete a new autonomous driving test field

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利用腾退土地 巧用建筑垃圾 自动驾驶测试场年底前建成 – Beijing Daily

What happened: Beijing will complete a new test field for autonomous vehicles in Daxing district by the end of this year. Re-structured on abandoned factories, coverage of the field will be over 37,000 square meters, including an eight-kilometer testing lane. According to an on-site investigation done by local media, 5G terminals are ready, and construction workers are conducting final equipment and operations checks. People in charge of the test field says that based on internet of vehicles, the field can simulate around 85% road situations seen in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei province.

Why it’s important: Applications of autonomous driving in China are preparing for complicated urban situations. National 5G strategy and massive data accumulated in autonomous vehicle projects will further improve the capacity of the country’s internet of vehicles—the infrastructure of the autonomous driving ecosystem. Meanwhile, 5G is likely to stir the real estate sector in China as land for related purposes will see increasing demands.