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WeChat has released a report of its user data, providing a bunch of fascinating facts about Chinese netizen’s lives as well as the magnitude of the app.

The giant app claims over 1.08 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of this year, up 10.5% year-over-year. Over 800 million users use WeChat Pay when they are traveling, shopping or dining out. North of 20 million WeChat accounts publish stories and news on various topics. 1.5 million developers developed over 1 million mini-programs. In one minute during the morning rush hours, mobile traffic consumed via WeChat amounted to 46 TB.

Over the past year, the mobile social network has been focusing heavily on integrating its technology with public transportation networks across the country. By scanning WeChat QR code, over 250,000 commuters access metro or buses per minute during the morning rush hours. A total of 3.75 million citizens travel during the 2.5 hours rush time, that’s on par with the population of Puerto Rico. The company’s QR code payment service for public transportation has reached more than 50 million users across 100 cities as of October this year.

In another mark for the company’s effort to deepen its public services initiative, WeChat is connecting 680 hospitals around the country in one minute. Residents from 362 cities can solve over 10,000 public services administrative problems via WeChat, according to the report. WeChat’s e-administrative services range from electric pass for Hong Kong and mainland travelers to tracking traffic records.

Tencent Gongyi (腾讯公益), the “public welfare” arm of the internet giant behind the social messaging app, is taking a bigger role in the system. Over 49,000 Tencent public welfare projects got sponsored in one minute. The paintings by young artists that with mental disabilities and spectrum disorders such as autism got RMB 13,000 worth of donation in one minute. WeChat.7.5 million steps were donated by users of  WeChat’s fitness tracker WeRun.

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