Briefing: Chinese tech companies cut headcount for non-tech positions

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华为滴滴部分招聘岗位被冻结 天猫非技术岗需求锐减 – Sina

What happened: Chinese tech companies are cutting headcount to optimize cost and human asset structure. Huawei, for instance, is cutting headcount for positions that require no strong tech background. Didi Chuxing, meanwhile, has frozen the recruitment of some general tech positions. Tech giant Alibaba’s headcount plan is still not clear, but positions requiring rich tech experience remains stable. In the third quarter of 2018, IT and internet companies in China reduced positions for hiring by 51% year-on-year, leading Chinese online recruitment platform Zhilian Zhaopin.

Why it’s important: Changes in headcount reflect the shift in China’s tech industry: machines are replacing human beings for efficiency improvement, and companies are seeking talents with solid tech background to improve corporate tech capacity. However, as China still lacks experienced engineers and it takes longer to cultivate one, tech companies will have to compete fiercely for rare talents in the near future. Before any tech that replaces general labor is born, there are still needs for junior positions.