Apple Music招募中国区负责人,暗示发力中国市场?– 36Kr

What happened: Apple Music posted a recruitment notice to hire a head for its China business, a Chinese music industry information platform reports. According to the job description, the ideal candidate is a music lover that has expansion experience in complex business environments, and is familiar with both the global and Chinese music worlds. The person should be able to cooperate with both musicians and music labels so as to improve Apple Music’s user experience. The recruitment advertisement is no longer available on Apple’s official site.

Why it’s important: The recruitment posting signals Apple’s greater ambition for its music business in China, where Apple Music arrived in the autumn of 2015. With China as Apple’s biggest app download market, the company hopes to expand its music businesses in the country and has formed a partnership with Bytedance’s Douyin (known as “TikTok” outside China). The agreement allows Apple Music users to play music in the Douyin app. Apple Music faces strong competition in China. NetEase Cloud Music now has around 600 million registered users. Meanwhile, QQ Music, which is backed by Tencent, is expected to go public soon.

Runhua Zhao is a technology reporter based in Beijing. Connect with her via email:

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