Briefing: NetEase to invest RMB 100 million in remote learning

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88人靠看直播上清北 丁磊:这事太棒了 拿1亿推动落地 – Sohu

What happened: CEO of Chinese internet giant NetEase Ding Lei says the company will invest RMB 100 million (around $14.5 million)  in remote learning in response to a discussion about equal access to education. On November 13, a feature on how rural students are benefiting from live-streamed courses provided by a provincial school in Chengdu went viral on the Chinese internet. The story triggered heated debate about the role of technology in the country’s social welfare system.

Why it’s important: Ding’s gesture could be seen as ambition to set new strategies for NetEase Open Courses, a remote learning platform wholly-owned by NetEase. With social welfare on the agenda, the company might include more curriculum courses for K12, whether it be for charitable or commercial purposes. Technology could become an increasingly prominent driver of equal access to education, as the live-streaming project in Chengdu has shown.