Briefing: Tencent launches website to give greater guidance to young gamers

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腾讯功能游戏官网正式上线 进一步探索游戏社会价值 – Tencent Tech

What happened: Last week, Chinese internet giant Tencent launched a new web portal to highlight the company’s efforts around online gaming, particularly as they apply to young users. In addition to information and examples of educational games and puzzles, the website also includes academic research pertaining to, for example, the social value of gaming. The newly launched site includes a game titled Nishan Shaman, which recounts a popular fairy tale from northern China in RPG format. So far, the company has released seven puzzle games, most of which are available on a subscription basis only.

Why it’s important: Tencent started to develop games and puzzles focused on young people in February. Shortly after, the Chinese government halted approvals of game titles. The approval process resumed earlier this month, although new titles are required to include elements of traditional Chinese culture and contribute to teenagers’ intellectual development. According to Zhang Wei, vice president of Tencent Games, the company is exploring more ways to extract greater “social value” from its online games.