Briefing: Xiaomi rumored to release foldable smartphone

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三段式折叠,这或许就是小米即将发布的折叠屏手机 -TechNode Chinese

What happened: Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is reportedly working on a foldable design for its latest phone, according to a leaked video. The video, which was posted on Twitter, shows a phone with a Mi App Store, as well as the standard wallpaper from the company’s operating system MIUI 10. TechNode Chinese found the Google Maps location shown in the video displays the device as being in the vicinity of  Xiaomi’s research center in Beijing. Previously, media reported Xiaomi is ordering components for a foldable phone, which is supposed to debut as early as this month.

Why its important: Foldable smartphones have long dominated the mobile technology conversation around the globe. Samsung launched its first foldable smartphone in November and is expected to ship it in the first half of this year. Huawei consumer business head Yu Chengdong said in 2017 that the company was researching a foldable smartphone, with a prototype already being developed. After launching its lower-end Redmi smartphone product line as independently operated subbrand, Xiaomi looks eager to accelerate its growth in the premier market, where most of its competitors have the upper hand.