Briefing: Exam registration app crash leaves art students unable to enroll

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App报名系统崩溃 “艺术升”否认垄断艺考报名 – Xinhua Net

What happened: An app allowing high school students to register for entrance exams at a number of art schools around the country crashed on Sunday, leaving candidates unable to enroll on time. The third-party app, called Yishu Sheng, is used by art academies around the country, including those in Xi’an, Wuhan, and Tianjin. The app is owned by Hangzhou Yixue Information Technology and is the sole source of registrations for the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts.

Why it is important: China’s college entrance exams are a stressful period for the country’s youth. Education departments provide various services for students to increase the efficiency of the application process, with a number of these channels moving online. The Yishu Sheng incident reveals problems with the underdeveloped technological infrastructure, leading to system crashes and slow loading times. Users are expected to pay between RMB 30 (around $4) and RMB 600 to use the app’s services. The blackout leaves students unable to register for exams at their preferred institutions.