Why Huawei’s ‘wolf culture’ will help telecom titan fight off attacks and thrive

3 min read

Huawei finds itself in an unenviable position. Absent proof that it doesn’t have deep ties to the Chinese intelligence apparatus is not enough to prove an absence of the same.

Perhaps one of the most aggressive companies in the world, Huawei’s greatest strengths—dedication to customers and products, relentless expansion, and a work-first culture—just aren’t applicable to its current situation. The company’s greatest weaknesses—opacity and an insular culture—are working directly against it.

But just because Huawei is the scapegoat of choice in the ongoing tension between the US and China, doesn’t mean it won’t survive this rough period.

Huawei has been under a harsh spotlight since 2012 when the US Congress released a report naming Huawei and ZTE as potential threats to US national security. Since then, this bugbear has hung over both companies—Huawei more so than ZTE, however—and it came to the forefront again almost two years ago with the formal implementation of China’s National Intelligence Law.


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