China’s love-hate relationship with gaming won’t stop it from dominating the industry

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(Image credit: BigStock/nopponpat)

China has long been ambivalent about technological change, attempting to reap the rewards of innovation while also protecting existing traditional structures. In the 15th century, the treasure fleet commanded by the eunuch admiral Zheng He that brought riches and territorial expansion to the Yongle Emperor was destroyed, some historians theorize, after it threatened the Confucian hierarchy by allowing merchants to become very rich, very quickly. The first railroad in China, just outside Shanghai, was dismantled in 1877 because it threatened Confucian social order, not to mention the steamships used to navigate the canals surrounding Shanghai.

Nowadays, this ambivalence manifests itself as a strained relationship between the market forces of entertainment and an older generation wary of things they don’t understand. However, unlike in the past, China not only recognizes the importance of embrac

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