Briefing: Sex ed game made by Chinese teens garners positive reviews on Steam

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Chinese high school students create daring sex education game, earning positive reviews on Steam – South China Morning Post

What happened: Seven teenagers from Shanghai released an indie game on US platform Steam that tackles sticky sex-related issues. Without showcasing explicit content, Self-Reliance lets players take on scenarios such as potential unprotected sex and sexual assault. Despite being an amateur effort, the game has garnered “very positive” feedback from a large majority of reviewers thanks to its content and plot.

Why it’s important: The game fills a gap in official education; for years, many public schools lacked formal sex education curriculum, although that may be changing. Besides offering a fun alternative, Self-Reliance’s appearance on Steam reflects the platform’s popularity in China. Given the recent limits on game approvals, which are aimed at protecting young players’ eyesight, the entertainment hub has become an outlet for independent creators who want to test out new ideas.