How Huawei Targets Apple Trade Secrets – The Information

What happened: A new report from The Information reveal detail accounts of Huawei Technologies’s efforts to steal trade secrets from its chief competitor Apple. Huawei’s alleged dubious tactics include luring Apple suppliers to spill confidential information with lucrative business deals. US companies including Cisco and Motorola have previously made similar claims against Huawei in lawsuits. However, the Chinese tech giant said it does not seek or have access to its competitors’ confidential information.

Why it’s important: Last month, the US Department of Justice partially unsealed indictments it had against Huawei, which detailed the company’s tactics of stealing trade secrets from its US counterparts. The DOJ alleged Huawei of having an employee bonus program that offers incentives to those that steal confidential information from competitors. Huawei surpassed Apple and became the second largest smartphone seller behind only Samsung last year. The company has been at the center of the on-going trade war between the US and China.

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