UK says Huawei is manageable risk to 5G – Financial Times

What happened: The Financial Times reported that UK National Cyber Security Agency has concluded that security risks posed by Huawei in 5G networks can be mitigatedQuoting two anonymous sources close to the investigation, the report runs contrary to US claims that Huawei should be barred from future 5G networks because its close ties to Beijing jeopardize national security.

Why it’s important: As a member of the Five Eyes Intelligence Network, an intelligence-sharing alliance that also includes the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, the UK has unique access to sensitive US intelligence. Earlier on Monday, New Zealand announced it will conduct an independent assessment. If the UK endorses Huawei publicly, it could sway governments across the European continent in favor of the Chinese telecoms giant. Most recently, the US approached Canada and Eastern European states, arguing that 5G is a greater liability to national security since it will embed a range of objects to the internet, notably cars. China claims that the US is trying to hinder Huawei’s development, which last year overtook Apple in terms of smartphone sales. Despite Washington’s efforts, Huawei has secured 25 commercial contracts to supply 5G technology. It is running tests with a further 50 companies worldwide.

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