Briefing: Innovative features help marriage app’s holiday surge

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春节连续7天app store社交类排行第三,珍爱网在婚恋焦虑中读出了什么?– 36kr

What happened: Over the Chinese New Year holiday, matchmaking platform was one of the top three most-downloaded social apps in the China App Store for seven consecutive days, and in the top 10 for all apps. User registration, monthly active users, and daily active users also climbed over the break, according to company data.’s “one-on-one dual-screen live-streaming” feature, a video chat version of a blind date, was especially popular. Notably, it was the only matchmaking app within the top 10 during this time.

Why it’s important: For single people visiting their families over Chinese New Year, the holiday is  a notorious opportunity for fielding questions about one’s relationship status as well as attempts at matchmaking. This alone could account for a large part of Zhenai’s surge in popularity. In addition, the app’s live-streaming option provides a convenient alternative to physical meetups, while also allowing parents to participate in the partner-vetting process. Unlike more casual dating apps, specifically targets individuals seeking marriage; its website advertises “13 years of marriage and dating services,” as well as offline customer centers. These options make the app stand out for singles pestered by concerned parents and a growing gender imbalance, among other things.