Tencent Instant Play is an Upcoming Cloud Gaming Service – Variety

What happened: Tencent and Intel are partnering on a cloud gaming service. The project, Tencent Instant Play, promises “leading cloud gaming solutions for both Windows PC gaming and Android mobile gaming based on Intel’s latest emerging visual cloud technology.” Further details are expected at a March 20 session of the upcoming Game Developers Conference. Gaming industry analyst Daniel Ahmad thinks the service will be capable of streaming games like “Monster Hunter World” at 60 frames per second with a resolution of 1080p.

Why it’s important: This service will enrich the gaming experience for Tencent’s massive customer base and as tech giants and startups alike push into cloud gaming. Paired with new 5G technology, cloud solutions will allow players to stream PC and console-quality games on their smartphones without sacrificing processing power or battery life. If Tencent delivers on its promise to reduce development costs associated with new game releases, updates and maintenance, it might attract gaming developers.

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