Briefing: Sports commentary app Hupu disappears from app stores

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虎扑APP遭全网下架 原因未知 – Techweb

What happened: Popular sports commentary app Hupu has disappeared from major Android stores as well as Apple’s China App Store. Its parent company Hupu also runs a website with sports-related news and other content, as well as an e-commerce app called Shihuo. As of Monday morning, Shihuo was still listed on various app stores. However, posts on the official WeChat account of Hupu’s flagship app have been deleted. The company has not yet commented on the takedown.

Why it’s important: Offerings such as live text commentary on NBA games have grown the popularity of Hupu’s app. Last January, the company raised RMB 618 million ($92 million) during a round of funding led by investment banking firm China International Capital Corporation. However, the sports marketing enterprise has also faced challenges. In early 2017, it put an end to plans for an IPO, Chinese outlet The Paper reported. Later, company co-founder and CEO Cheng Hang told media that while a boom in investment was ending, 2018 would see “high-speed development” for sports-related companies with strong assets.