Briefing: China Telecom to test 5G coverage in Shanghai by mid-year

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上海电信预计上半年可提供首批5G能力 – Shanghai Securities News

What happened: China Telecom’s Shanghai branch announced on Tuesday that the company is going to test its gigabit 5G networks in three spots in Shanghai in the first half of this year, including an industrial park, the city’s financial district, and a hospital. The next-generation wireless networks will be applied to different scenarios in these areas, including a cloud-based intelligent manufacturing system powered by high-speed 5G networks at the Shanghai Lingang Industrial Park, and an overall healthcare solution based on 5G technologies at the Yueyang Hospital. In the Lujiazui financial district, the company will provide 5G connectivity to financial institutions such as the Shanghai Stock Exchange to “explore the application of 5G to the financial industry.”

Why it’s important: This rollout marks the latest development in the 5G tests the Chinese government has been “guiding” with the three major mobile operators in various cities. A report by the Internet Society of China said that the first step of China’s 5G commercial deployment would be supporting applications such as connected cars and the industrial internet. It’s also believed that 5G will boost the internet of things since it was designed to connect billions of devices and sensors at a lower cost than older technologies.