U.S. and China are now tied in 5G race – Axios

What happened: According to a report issued by research firm Analysys Mason, China and the US are on equal footing as global leaders in 5G “readiness.” Last year, China held first place with the US trailing in third place behind South Korea. But with 92 more 5G deployments planned than competing countries, the US is looking to move quickly against a China that will “roll out really fast when they start,” according to CEO of wireless trade group, CTIA, Meredith Atwell Baker.  

Why it’s important: With Huawei already in control of the 4G market in Africa, much of the Middle East, southern Europe and parts of Southeast Asia, it is poised to capture a large portion of the global 5G market despite the US urging countries to boycott the Chinese tech giant over security concerns. And while 5G networks in developed countries may take up to 10 years to roll out completely, China may have already won the race for dominance.

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