Samsung has reportedly postponed the Galaxy Fold’s launch in China – The Verge

What happened: Samsung has delayed the Shanghai launch event of its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, after a number of media publications reported problems after just a couple of days of use. Samsung China said the event, originally set to take place next week, was postponed due to an issue with the venue, according to National Business Daily. However, Samsung also postponed another event related to the launch in Hong Kong next Tuesday, reported Engadget Chinese.

Why its important: The announcement comes not long after several reports of broken devices. One from a Bloomberg review last week reported that the display failed to operate properly after a plastic protective layer was removed. Priced at $1,980 with a promise to “outlast 200,000 folds and unfolds,” the high-profile Samsung Galaxy Fold is a first-generation foldable device that is meant to reignite the flagging market. The delay in the launch dates was a major blow to the Korean smartphone manufacturer as well as peers also producing folding phones, namely Huawei, who showcased its foldable Mate X in February during a trade event but would not allow it to be handled.

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