China seeks to become an artificial intelligence trailblazer by 2030. And tech leaders are now beginning to stress the importance of the technology’s safe development. But is this just “ethics washing?” Or is China serious about achieving ethical AI?

The implications of machines working with human beings in sectors varying from security to healthcare to government could be as unpredictable as they are lucrative. Automation of the world’s largest workforce could create a leisure society, or it could create uncontrollable inequality. A changing landscape may result in social instability, stifling control, and rampant bias. Or not.

What are Chinese companies doing to address these issues? How can we ensure the ethical rollout of a technology that will undoubtedly change the world in years to come?

Join us on May 23 at our Emerge tech conference, where we will dive into emerging China tech trends such as AI, corporate innovation, blockchain, digital marketing, shift to enterprise, the slowing economy, and the expansion to Southeast Asia. We will be previewing other topics in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned.

During the conference, we will also have a crash course in AI breakout session.  Taught by the School of AI China’s Max Pechyonkin, this is a 90-minute crash course in Artificial Intelligence: What is it? How does it work? How can you use it in your business?

This crash course features in-depth instruction for a lay-audience about the technical aspects of AI as well as case studies on how businesses have implemented it for greater efficiency and profit. Only 40 seats are available. Grab your early bird tickets now before May 5.

See you there!

Based in Shanghai, Suzanne builds and promotes TechNode domestically and globally by designing and implementing online and offline marketing campaigns and events. A Global Studies graduate from St. Lawrence...

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