HTC:第二款区块链手机今年下半年发布 – iThome

What happened: Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC is planning to launch the second generation model of its blockchain phone, the Exodus 1, in the back half of 2019. The company also has plans to expand decentralized applications from the existing digital asset management to other areas, including browsing and messaging, according to Phil Chen, decentralized chief officer at HTC. Since its launch in the fourth quarter last year, sales of the Exodus 1 have been within the company’s expectations, according to Chen, though he did not disclose any figures.

Why it’s important: When HTC announced it was shifting focus to blockchain last year, many suspected that the company was betting on the much-hyped technology to save itself from declining sales. In July, the company announced plans to slash 1,500 jobs at its manufacturing plant in Taiwan. Earlier this month, TechCrunch reported that the smartphone maker led a $50 million blockchain-focused venture capital fund, Proof of Capital, which will allow HTC to work with companies to develop services or products for the Exodus.

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