Xiaomi refuted a recent report that estimated its smartphone shipments fell short of the 27.5 million figure the company confirmed it shipped in the first quarter (Q1) of 2019 in a statement filed on Thursday to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Research firm IDC estimated in a report released April 30 that Xiaomi’s smartphone shipment volume for Q1 2019 fell 10.2% year over year to 25.0 million units.

Xiaomi responded in its statement dated Thursday that “some information from certain market research institutions,” which was quoted by several media publications, was “inaccurate and unfair” and misrepresented the company’s actual performance. According to the company, its Q1 smartphone shipments declined 1.8% compared with the same period a year earlier.

Xiaomi also said that the information contained in the statement was not audited, and the finalized data would be included in the company’s Q1 earnings report.

IDC told Chinese media on Saturday that it would update Xiaomi’s Q1 smartphone shipments to 27.5 million units next week.

Major smartphone market research firms such as the US-based Strategy Analytics and Hong Kong-based Counterpoint also recently released reports about global smartphone shipments in Q1.

In these reports, Strategy Analytics said that Xiaomi shipped 27.5 million smartphones in Q1 and Counterpoint estimated 27.8 million units, both indicating the company’s Q1 smartphone shipments  weakened year over year to a limited degree.

Wei Sheng

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