Huawei says 5G network security is a technical issue and not a country one, responding to Prague proposals – South China Morning Post

What happened: Security officials and experts from more than 30 western countries gathered in Prague last week and issued on Friday a set of proposals for 5G network deployment guidelines. The non-binding Prague Proposals warned governments about equipment supplied by vendors that might be vulnerable to state influence. The proposals did not contain the names of any specific 5G equipment suppliers. Huawei responded to the proposals by saying that cybersecurity was a technical rather than an ideological issue.

Why it’s important: Neither Chinese delegates nor Huawei representatives were invited to the meeting in Prague, although participants stated that no country or company was being singled out. Besides the US, participants included member countries from the European Union and NATO, and US allies such as Japan and South Korea. Europe has become a key battleground in the dispute over the US-led Huawei ban as countries prepare to auction 5G licenses this year. By end-March, Huawei had secured 40 5G contracts around the world, and over half of them come from Europe, according to the company.

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