Briefing: recruiting to staff new business initiatives

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京东校招新职位:百万薪酬电竞高手、全球美食寻鲜者 – Tencent Tech

What happened: Chinese e-commerce giant announced on May 5 that the first batch of new graduate recruits are joining the company as the company kicks off the plan to increase its workforce by 15,000 this year. As part of the recruiting plan, more than 2,000 position categories were created. Some of the newly created positions include e-sports players, drone service manager, global fresh produce buyer, and AI assistant trainer.

Why it’s important: The troubled Chinese online retailer has been under intensified public scrutiny since the end of last year. As news about departing executives and pay cuts for its delivery fleet circulate, the company is undergoing major structural and business shifts to maintain growth momentum. The company disclosed in February that the 15,000 new headcount will mainly go toward filling lower-level positions from customer service to logistics management. The rest will be assigned to jobs for enhancing user experience in technology and retail businesses. The addition of new positions in emerging sectors underscore JD’s efforts to diversify operations beyond its core e-commerce business.