INSIGHTS: Trade battles and big power competition—more pain for the tech industry

8 min read
(Image credit: Bigstock/Freer Law)

After a lull, the trade war is back on. From new moves to lock Huawei out of the US to tightening visa regulations for Chinese nationals, from new tariffs to new Trump tweets, both China and the US are ramping up for another battle after the March cease-fire. While many are still crossing their fingers in hopes of a quick resolution, leadership in both countries show no signs of backing down.

Bottom line: China has determined that to become a world power it must also become a leader in the technology industry. AI, chips, advanced manufacturing, and “innovation” are all among China’s highest policy priorities and, indeed, their declared core interests. The ongoing trade war is the most visible part of the increasing friction between the two countries. The Trump White House now agrees with China that the economy and industry are strategic assets that must be protected by policy. Western tech companies, entrepren

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