China voices | Huawei ‘spare tire’ talk is whistling in the dark

3 min read
Shoppers visit a Huawei service center in Shanghai on March 22, 2019. (Image credit: TechNode/Cassidy McDonald)

In the wake of the US Department of Commerce’s pronouncements on Huawei, the company has sought to project confidence. In public, Huawei said that it long been planning for the day when the US would limit its access to western technology by stockpiling chips and developing “spare tire” parts in house, and that its reserves will mitigate restrictions.

This claim is disputed by an anonymous author claiming to be a former high level Huawei research division employee. A short article published May 24, condensed below, was pulled from WeChat shortly after going viral, but lives on the pages of less scrupulous Chinese websites. TechNode has not been able to verify where the piece was first published. The repost linked below credits Fuza Yanjiusuo (Complexity Research Institute), a WeChat public account with only three articles currently

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