Briefing: Tencent sues Bytedance over gameplay videos

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认为头条系产品未经授权直播游戏,腾讯向法院申请游戏禁令 – 36Kr

What happened: Tencent filed two lawsuits against Bytedance on Monday, requesting the owner of Douyin to stop streaming Tencent’s hit titles “CrossFire” and “Honour of Kings,” 36Kr reported. Tencent said in a lawyer’s letter that users of Bytedance apps such as Douyin, Xigua Video, and Huoshan Video have been uploading gameplay videos of Tencent games without its authorization. The letter requests that Bytedance block further uploads of videos containing “CrossFire” and “Honour of Kings” and remove all existing content of the same nature.

Why it’s important: After taking the two most recent cases into account, Tencent has filed in total eight copyright-related lawsuits against Bytedance in fewer than seven months. The requested bans cover two of the most popular titles in China, “Honour of Kings” and “League of Legends.” In February, a court in Guangzhou ruled in favor of Tencent, requiring Xigua Video to remove all “Honour of Kings” content. However, Tencent has kept up the pressure and has been filing complaints at shorter intervals, with five of the eight cases filed in May.