Briefing: Short-video app Kuaishou’s daily active users hit 200 million mark

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快手日活跃用户超过2亿,未来将坚持精准扶贫 – TechNode Chinese

What happened: On May 29, Kuaishou Vice President Wang Qiang revealed that the short video and live-streaming app has reached the 200 million daily active user (DAU) milestone. Wang also said that in 2018, more than 16 million performers earned income through Kuaishou’s platform using methods such as e-commerce, although no figures for average income or distribution were provided. Reflecting the Tencent-backed app’s rural popularity, 3.4 million of those who made money on the platform are based in poverty-stricken regions of China.

Why it’s important: A recent report revealed that the size of China’s rapidly growing short video app audience reached 648 million as of end-2018. Kuaishou’s estimated daily active audience is roughly a third of that, showing the dominance of a few big apps within the industry. Rival Douyin, owned by Bytedance and known as TikTok internationally, is likely still ahead, however. In December 2018, it reported 250 million DAU, although an iiMedia analyst told TechNode that at least one of Douyin’s active user counts could be inflated. However, it’s still an exciting time to be in the field, despite increasing saturation: Besides accumulating nearly 54 million users in the last six months, market growth for China’s short-video apps was 744% year on year as of end-2018, according to the report.