Briefing: Huya’s live-streaming subsidiary Nimo TV officially launches in Brazil

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虎牙旗下的游戏直播平台 Nimo TV 正式进入巴西 – 36Kr

What happened: Huya’s overseas live-streaming platform Nimo TV has officially entered the Brazilian market, increasing the number of countries where it is available to 10, 36Kr reported. Nimo TV has already signed exclusive partnerships with a number of famous Brazilian YouTube creators and exclusive livestreaming agreements with several major Brazilian e-sports teams. Nimo TV was launched in May 2018 and has been operating in countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mexico before the launch in Brazil. As of the end of 2018, Nimo TV had more than 11.5 million monthly active users globally.

Why it’s important: Nimo TV’s expansion could help Huya tap into Brazil’s emerging livestreaming market as its domestic market slows down and oversight tightens. According to market research company Newzoo, Brazil was the world’s 13th largest game market in 2018 with revenues of $1.45 billion. Although it is a far smaller market than China, fewer competitors could potentially help Nimo TV grab a larger share of the market.