FedEx misses delivery of Huawei package to U.S.; China paper says retaliation threatened – Reuters

What happened: American delivery services operator FedEx said it did not deliver a package belonging to Huawei because of an operational error. The package was bound for the US and “was mistakenly returned to the shipper, and we apologize for this operational error,” FedEx told Reuters in an email. State-owned newspaper Global Times tweeted in response that FedEx could be added to China’s entity list, which Chinese authorities announced earlier in June.

Why it’s important: This is the second time in a month that FedEx has mishandled a Huawei package, and the Chinese telecom giant had stated previously that it might reconsider its relationship with the delivery company. On May 28, FedEx diverted two Huawei parcels through the US, which were sent from Japan to China. More than just crucial components, such as the Android OS and ARM chips, the Trump administration’s inclusion of Huawei in the US entity list seems to be affecting its logistics. German courier DHL denied rumors in late May that it had halted deliveries of Huawei products. FedEx’s repeated “errors” also spell trouble for the delivery firm itself, raising concerns about privacy.

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