Briefing: WeChat unblocks links shared from short video app Kuaishou

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微信朋友圈解封快手分享链接 – 36Kr

What happened: Tencent’s messaging app WeChat has on Monday unblocked links shared from short video app Kuaishou, 36Kr reported. Shared videos play directly in user WeChat Moments newsfeeds as embedded videos. The sharing button in Kuaishou has also been changed to the WeChat’s Moments icon. Videos from Bytedance apps such as Douyin, Xigua Video, and Huoshan Video, however, still need to be downloaded and then uploaded to appear in WeChat.

Why it’s important: In April 2018, China’s National Radio and Television Administration censured a number of short video apps for expanding their services without proper licenses. A month later, Tencent started blocking embedded short video links in WeChat Moments, requiring users to copy and paste links into browsers to be viewed normally. The ban covered all major short video platforms including Tencent’s own Weishi. Kuaishou is the second major short video app to be restored on WeChat, following Weishi, which was restored on WeChat in June 2018.