Huawei CVs show close links with military, study says – Financial Times

What happened: A study of more than 25,000 leaked resumes, or CVs, belonging to Huawei employees says it has found deeper links between the telecommunications equipment giant and the Chinese military and intelligence agencies. The research was conducted by Christopher Balding, a professor at Fulbright University Vietnam, who co-authored a research paper questioning Huawei’s claims of employee ownership. Balding searched through a database of leaked Chinese resumes and found some Huawei employees had also been simultaneously employed by institutions affiliated with the Chinese military. Huawei said it cannot verify “any of these so-called ‘Huawei Employee CVs’” and that it conducts background checks for job candidates with military or government backgrounds.

Why it’s important: The study’s findings could not be verified because Balding did not share the database and describes in concrete terms only three profiles. The study’s credibility and accuracy has been questioned by many on social media site Twitter, where Balding posted a link of a report of the study from The Telegraph. Balding responded to some criticisms in a blog post, saying that the paper was not an academic paper and the data had already been provided to governments of some unnamed countries and will be provided to other countries looking to conduct their own analysis.

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