CHINA VOICES | Tencent for social good

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Tencent CEO Pony Ma (Image credit: TechNode/Jiayi Shi)

In 2019, after the government took a huge bite out of Tencent’s earnings by freezing video game monetization approvals, CEO Pony Ma caught the CSR bug and changed the firm’s mission statement to “technology for social good.” Here I translate the second half of an article that delightfully wanders from online dispute resolution to AI chess and the EU’s GDPR, all the while meditating on the responsibility that tech giants have to society more broadly. The article was published anonymously. What follows is the author’s words, translated, with some cuts for length.
Tencent wants to do good
“Angel non-investor,” Huxiu, June 25, 2019

Disputes in the digital age are like pollution in the industrial age: Industrial development itself brings enormous benefits, so the “small problems” of pollution are only taken seriously after years of accumulation.

On the one hand, unlike the limited range of in

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