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As Dr. LU Gang, CEO and Founder of TechNode, said, “The innovation center of the whole world will definitely tilt to Asia one day. We will no longer just talking about Silicon Valley in the United State. There will be more and more innovation coming from Asia. We believe that Asia will play an increasingly important role in the future of innovation.” 

From “Startup Nation” Israel of West Asia to high-tech Japan and Korea of Northeast Asia; from China to uprising countries of Southeast Asia, Asia as the continent with the highest population is also the home to some of the most innovative hardware startups in the world. ASIA Hardware Battle is dedicated to building Asia’s most outstanding hardware competition, focusing on talents in Asia, incubating promising projects, and expanding the influence of participants in the innovation ecosystem.

What is Asia Hardware Battle?

In 2018, Asia Hardware Battle gathered over 300 projects and startups from 9 countries and regions, including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and India, to name a few. In 2019, Asia Hardware Battle will continue to establish an international communication platform to help startups gain more international recognition. This year’s competition has attracted the attention of all parties, including well-known enterprises in various industries such as Li & Fung Group, BMW, HSBC, CITIC Group, VCs, domestic and overseas media, incubators and accelerators.

Started in 2015, Asia Hardware Battle (AHB) is an annual international startup competition held across various cities in Asia to provide a platform for innovative hardware startups to grow and expand in the global tech innovative ecosystem. This year, the 4th AHB 2019 has started its six-month competition period in which after 3 months of online registration and city pitching, 15 teams will be selected to compete at the grand final this October in Shanghai.

Asia Hardware Battle 2019 City Pitch Calendar

What will you get if you win the battle?

The winning team will receive a generous cash prize and all kinds of business acceleration services, a chance to collaborate with industry leaders, as well as an opportunity to be exclusively featured by leading media. 

Cash prize

1ST place: RMB 50000

2nd place: RMB 30000

3rd place: RMB 10000

Business Acceleration Services

Top 3 teams will win:

  • an exclusive seat for VC MEETUP PRO and FA service provided by NodeVenture
  • 7 workstations from NodeSpace free of charge for a 6-month period (valid since the date of the grand final for one year)
  • 6 workstations free of charge for a 3-month period (renewal discount 15% off) and hardware product manufacturing services provided by Makebator
  • 5 workstations free of charge for a 6-month period and hardware manufacturing, branding and financing services provided by iMakerbase.
  • an exclusive chance to work in iMakerbase workspace in Seoul, Korea free of charge for a 3-month period

TOP 15 teams will win:

  • a free standard booth and 5 tickets for TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019
  • an invitation to visit well-known incubators and accelerators in Shanghai
  • 3 workstations free of charge for a 3-month period (renewal discount 10% off) and hardware product manufacturing services provided by Makebator

Apart from the above, one member from each Top 15 teams will be invited to attend the final in Shanghai at no cost (includes round-trip air-tickets and accommodation). 

All participating teams from the city pitch will:

  • be invited to attend the TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019 Media Day
  • receive 2 free tickets for TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019
  • enjoy a 30% discount for workstations from NodeSpace for 6 months (valid for 1 year starting from the date of the Grand Final)
  • receive 2 workstations free of charge for a 2-month period (renewal discount 5% off) and hardware product manufacturing services provided by Makebator
  • enjoy a 20% discount for a standard booth for TechCrunch Shenzhen 2019

Event highlights of Asia Hardware Battle 2018 in Shanghai.

Registration Requirements

  • Hardware startups
  • Completed product design & prototype


To learn more, please visit our AHB official website at

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