Didi’s aggregation plan leaves smaller ride-hailers in a difficult position

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Cracks are emerging in China’s ride-hailing sector as dominant companies seek to monetize their rivals, a move which could divide the industry as smaller firms are forced to choose sides.

Major mobility players Didi and Meituan have opened up their platforms to competitors by offering aggregation services that allow users to access multiple ride-hailing platforms within a single app.

Meituan launched its aggregation service in April, allowing the company to spread its ride-hailing offering from Nanjing and Shanghai to dozens of cities around the country. The company enables users to book trips using its own ride-hailing services, as well as through Shouqi Limousine & Chauffeur, Caocao Chuxing, and Shenzhou, among others.

Didi followed suit just weeks later, announcing that a number of automakers would be able to provide ride-hailing within its app, deepening its ties with carmakers in the country and further expanding its reach.

The ride aggregation model has sprung up as a result of problems in the

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