OnePlus leads Huawei, Xiaomi in online exposure as ‘global-first’ strategy pays off

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While Huawei’s US woes continue, one Chinese handset maker has already managed to do the impossible and gain a foothold in the market. OnePlus may not be as well-known as more prominent players such as Huawei and Xiaomi, but the company has secured a firm following overseas.

Amid reports that a new OnePlus flagship handset could land as soon as next month, TechNode looked at Wikipedia data to see how interested English-speaking markets really are in the Shenzhen-based company and how its popularity compares with the other players.

Wikipedia is often the first port of call for potential customers as they look to learn more about a brand or product. Hits on the online encyclopedia can act as a strong indicator of a brand’s level of exposure in different markets.

OnePlus has long pursued a “global-first” strategy, and Counterpoint ranks the company as the world’s fifth-largest premium smartphone brand, though it only makes up a 2% share. The company is not the only Chinese smartphone

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