Bytedance’s short video app Huoshan Video adds mini-program feature

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The exterior of a Bytedance building in Shanghai. (Image credit: TechNode/Shi Jiayi)

Bytedance’s short video platform Huoshan Video has rolled out a mini-program feature, enabling users to access mini games within the app, media outlet TechPlanet reported.

Why it matters: Bytedance has been actively building its mini-program ecosystem to take on Tencent’s WeChat, which recently expanded the ad formats it offers on mini programs.

  • Huoshan Video is the third Bytedance app to include mini programs. Content aggregator Jinri Toutiao launched its mini programs in November 2018 and short video app Douyin launched the feature in February 2019.

Details: Users can access mini programs on Huoshan Video in the “Mini Games” tab under “My Profile.”

  • The tab currently includes nine mini games such as Gobang and Tetris.
  • All nine mini games are featured in the “Recommended” area of the “Mini Games” tab, but do not show up in search results within the app.

Context: Bytedance’s mini program ecosystem has not enjoyed smooth sailing. Bytedance took down the mini program function on Jinri Toutiao on iOS devices in January, citing adjustments to the platform. Douyin has just one self-made music-themed mini game on iOS.

  • As of Monday,the mini program tab on Jinri Toutiao on iOS is still unavailable, and mini programs do not appear in search results on the app. Android users are not affected.