INSIGHTS | Digital marketing primer 2019

6 min read
Image credit: Bigstock/giggsy25

It’s hard not to dislike marketing for its manipulativeness. But, it’s also hard not to admire it for the insights into human behavior it brings.

This past week I’ve been immersed in the digital marketing space, attending three different events on the topic and talking with a variety of stakeholders, service providers, and personalities about what they’re seeing. Here are my takeaways.

Bottom line: We’re still in the early days of digital marketing and retail. Even though China is a first mover in the consumer space, everyone is still trying to figure out how to adapt traditional marketing and sales methods to the digital age. Technology continues to democratize and decentralize the creation and consumption of content, products, and services. Traditional companies, centralized by nature, need to deal with the rapid rise in China of new platforms, mediums, and celebrities.

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