INSIGHTS | Social credit: A roadmap for a sincere and virtuous marketplace

5 min read
Image credit: BigStock/Skorzewiak

First conceived as early as 2001 and put into national plans in 2014, China’s social credit system (SCS) has got a lot of attention in English-language press in the last few years. However, Western technophobia coupled with China-anxiety has made much of that coverage incomplete and biased. On the one hand, many have an exaggerated view of China, and its government, as a monolithic entity capable of swift and effective enforcement. On the other, people are still not comfortable with the idea that companies and governments see them as nothing more than a data point—and when that idea gets associated with a one-party state, we immediately get flashbacks to Orwell.

We at TechNode have covered social credit extensively over the last few years and there have been many others who have also tried to bring a dispassionate perspec

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